• Get rugd hydrocloak surf winter camping jacket cloak poncho rug adventure dry robe changing

    The HydroCloak

    A waterproof, windproof and all-around outdoor adventure changing robe designed to suit a variety of lifestyles.

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  • Get-rugd-hydotowel-poncho-robe-surfing-swimming-drying

    The HydroTowel

    The perfect towel poncho that packs into a handy bag with pockets and keeps your seat dry when sitting down!

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  • Get Rug'd Sol Boho Rug on beach

    Beach Rugs

    Cotton blend rugs in beautiful boho designs. Perfect for any outdoor adventure, or as an addition to your home.

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  • StubCup

    A 4-in-1 stainless steel cup that functions as a stubby cooler and coffee cup with an integrated bottle opener. Perfect for outdoor bevvys!

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  • Get Rug'd Dad Cap Brown worn by girl


    Timeless headwear that not only protects your head from the elements but is also stylish enough to wear every day.

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